• adidas 3D sunglasses

    Light, lighter, ultra light. The next generation of adidas sport eyewear running models is pushing the boundaries of what's technically possible. With the introduction of 3d_f, our fully 3d printed models are taking the leap to the forefront of style, performance and innovation. Building on a unique 3d diamond grid with unlimited design possibilities, each element is tuned for the purpose of delivering the best possible weight-to-stiffness ratio, with a perfectly customized tune for unprecedented comfort throughout the day. With this technology crossing into other segments with 3d_x, and still growing our lineup on proven technologies as well, there's something for everyone.

    Vision: enhance your vision, enhance your sports experience. Clarity under all light conditions and catching every detail with various purpose-driven filters or prescription lenses to choose from is key.

    Protection: advanced polycarbonate filters not only protect from sunlight and harmful uv-rays, but the elements in general, helping runners go the extra mile ? no matter when and where.

    Fit: only a bounce-free fit is acceptable: With a minimized weight and lots of hidden features, our models go exactly where you are going ? even at a high pace.

    Durability: come rain, come shine, all our models are built and enhanced to stand the test of time, being resilient to temperature fluctuations, the impacts of uv-rays, discoloration or sweat