a731 - optical insert for adidas sport glasses

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a731 - adidas optical insert for eyeglass wearers

Since the spectacle lenses are strongly inclined after insertion into the sport glasses, the lens strength will be convertet with the
adidas WRAP AROUND CALCULATOR to correct the resulting aberrations.

Suitable for:

  • ad07 evil eye halfrim pro
  • ad08 evil eye halfrim
  • ad09 evil eye evo pro
  • ad10 evil eye evo
  • a123 gazelle L
  • a124 a18 golf
  • a126 evil eye pro L
  • a127 evil eye pro S
  • a129 gazelle  S
  • a134 evil eye explorer L
  • a135 evil eye explorer S
  • a136 elevation ClimaCool
  • a141 elevation pro
  • a152 on par II L
  • a153 on par II S
  • a154 T-sight L
  • a155 T-sight S
  • a167 evil eye halfrim pro L
  • a168 evil eye halfrim pro S
  • a180 evil eye halfrim pro XS
  • a181 evil eye halfrim pro L
  • a189 tycane pro S
  • a190 tycane pro L
  • a191 tycane L
  • a192 tycane S
  • a193 evil eye pro L
  • a194 evil eye pro S
  • a196 tycane pro outdoor L
  • a197 tycane pro outdoor S
  • a198 evil eye halfrim pro S
  • a199 evil eye halfrim pro XS
  • a266 evil eye L
  • a267 evil eye S
  • a376 retego
  • a393 TERREX FAST
  • a394 TERREX Swift
  • a402 evil eye halfrim L
  • a403 evil eye halfrim S
  • a412 evil eye halfrim XS
  • a418 evil eye pro L
  • a419 evil eye pro S


  • clip with optical lenses
  • best view for maximum security
  • reflections by anit-reflective lenses
  • unbreakable plastic lenses
  • made by professional master opticians
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