Return policy

The contract can be revoked within a period of 2 weeks from completion. Customers can withdraw from the sale contract, without giving any reason, during this period. If the customer cancels upon receipt of the ordered product, the item must be returned at the expense and the risk of the customer. A complete or partial refund of the sale price will be given on receipt of the returned items. A complete refund is given if the product is as good as new and returned unopened and originally packed. In the event that there is any decrease in the value of the goods, a partial refund, representing such decrease in value, will be given.

Return policy for consumers from Germany

Any customer has the right to revoke his contract within 14 days in writing (for example by letter or e-mail) without giving reasons or by returning the goods. The revocation period starts upon receipt of these Terms and Conditions in writing. The customer will be deemed to have complied if the goods are returned or notice of revocation is given within this period. The notice of revocation should be sent to:


Stefan Wolf

Leopoldstrasse 26

6020 Innsbruck


tel: +43/512/562440


Consequences of revocation

In the event that a contract is revoked, both parties must return any services rendered or goods received, where possible with the benefits of such services or goods and with interest. Should the customer not be able to return the goods or only return them partially or in a deteriorated condition, then he may be obliged to compensate the seller accordingly. In the case of returned goods this does not apply if the deterioration of the goods is caused solely as a result of the customer testing the goods as he could have done for example in a shop. Otherwise, the customer can avoid having to compensate the seller by not using the goods and by not doing anything to reduce their value. The seller bears both the cost and the risk of shipments in the event of returns. Items that are not transportable by parcel will be collected from the customer. Refunds must be paid within 30 days. For the customer, this period commences with the sending of the notice of revocation or with the return of the goods; for the seller the period begins upon receipt of either the notice or the goods.

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