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frame technology

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frame technology

A variety of innovations and patents
Adidas sports glasses to a lifestyle
product with maximum practicality.

- Auto Fit
- Sweat Blocker
- Clima Management 
- Wrap-around View
- Head Strap
- Quick-Release HingeÖ
- Double-Snap Nose BridgeÖ
- Wrap-around Protection


2-frame levellingÖ


- removable front

- helmet compatible

2-frame leveling Ö in combination
Nano-Foam Ö guarantees
best fit and comfort





Twin Filter








The ClimaCool Ö Technology is
an innovative ventilation system
a fogging and icing
Veiled to the filter.


Quick-Release Hinge








Provides a simple and
Replace the bracket Express
against a tape.



Auto Fit


SPX Ö Flexibility

- shatter-proof material
- Light weight

Flex Zones Ö

Specially designed flexible
Enriches adapt automatically
head on and ensure a
optimal fit.




Sweat Blocker

- interchangeable

A detachable sweat blocker prevents
that sweat gets into your eyes, and thus
impede the view.
The Sweat blocker can be removed easily and
be replaced.





Grip Systems


Traction Grip

Consists of a particularly soft material
that is incorporated into the brackets. 
This gives the glasses pressure and slip-free fit

Grip Ripped System

The Grip Ripped system keeps the glasses on the 
temples free of pressure always at the optimum position





Perfect fit is essential, therefore,
allows the 3-level height adjustment
allows fit for every wearer.


Wrap-around Protection








The strong curvature of the lenses provides the

widest field of view and maximum protection
the eyes. The wrap-around technique offers
a consistent fit and safety.

Clima Management



The ventilation system works by
strategically placed air vents in the
Rahmenkonstruktion.Dies sort of a
adequate air circulation, for the eyes
not disruptive. An additional
Anti-fog coating ensures fog-free view.